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Frame Grabber Software - Introduction of UGrab


As frame grabbers (ECFG series) play a role in capturing and digitizing video frames from analog or digital sources, the software system-UGrab is designed to streamline this process.

UGrab, provided by EyeCloud Technologies, is a powerful tool tailored for managing and configuring frame grabbers, ensuring optimal performance and ease of use.

UGrab is a comprehensive software solution that facilitates the setup, configuration, and management of frame grabbers. It is equipped with various features to enhance the user experience, including device scanning, deserializer configuration, register management, and more. The software is designed to be intuitive, making it accessible to both novice and experienced users.

Frame Grabber Software

Frame Grabber Software-UGrab Main Features

1. Bring-up Configuration

- Scan-Device: This feature allows users to select the device model and scan to identify the equipment list. Users can select the channel to run in the device list.

- Deserializer Configuration: Users can select the correct profile from the configuration list, read image parameter information, and ensure the correct output format is chosen according to the camera type.

- Register Configuration: Depending on the selected camera module, this feature loads the register configuration. Users can insert, delete, or export registers and modify register information.

- Module Configuration: Displays the register configuration based on the selected profile. Users can modify the configuration and save changes.

- Load and Launch: After selecting the channel and corresponding module configuration, users can click “Load and Launch” to start the video stream.

2. Working Condition Detection

- Electrical Characteristic Test: Provides alarm information based on preset voltage and current thresholds, and allows users to export warning parameters and reset them.

- Video Frame Detection: Offers early warning information based on preset frame rate statistics error rate parameters. Displays messages for frame rate detection, frame loss, and frame error.

3. Functional Configuration

- Interface Configuration: Configures the POC voltage according to module hardware parameters.

- Test Plan (Beta version): Runs UGrab automatically for testing based on set parameters.

- I2C Read and Write: Allows users to read and write I2C, debug relevant functions, and select the corresponding I2C device node.

- Save Image Config: Users can set the format and number of images to be saved and click “Save Image” to save the current frame.

4. Log Management

- Provides UGrab log information to assist in debugging and retrieval of exceptions.

5. Technical Support

- Displays relevant information about the UGrab version and provides contact details for further assistance.

6. Des Config Generate Tool

- Will generate specified deserializer configurations based on user requirements.

7. Plugin Config (Beta version)

- Allows users to develop corresponding scripting functions according to their needs.

Frame Grabber Software


The user manual for UGrab is a detailed document that explains each module and function of the software. It includes step-by-step instructions for setting up and using UGrab, ensuring users can effectively manage their frame grabbers. The manual also provides troubleshooting tips and technical support contact information for additional assistance.

UGrab software by EyeCloud Technologies is an essential tool for anyone working with frame grabbers. Its comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, and detailed documentation make it an invaluable resource for optimizing video capture and processing workflows. Whether you are configuring devices, managing registers, or performing diagnostic tests, UGrab provides the necessary tools to achieve high performance and reliability in your video capture systems.

UGrab-User Manual Document:

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