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The Product Line

EyeCloud is a leading AI solution provider specializing in the design, integration,

and production of next-generation intelligent vision systems. Our two product lines

—OpenNCC and Sticker-Eye— cater to the distinct needs of AI solution

providers and consumers, respectively.

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Projects Currently in Development


AIoT Point-of-Care Ultrasound AiPOCUS™

Based on our state-of-art ultrasound beamforming algorithm accelerated on an edge-AI processor and the AIoT cloud solutions.

OpenNCC Platform Features

Industrial-grade vision appliance for fast field deployment of commercial AI vision solutions 

Completely customizable through a range of lens, image tuning, and integration options

Can be delivered as a ready-to-deploy camera system to minimize time to market

Leveraging EyeCloud's industrial design services and expertise, including custom image tuning services and integration with Intel(R) Movidius(TM) Myriad X VPU

OpenNCC Product Line


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Sticker- Eye Wireless Secuirty Camera

Sticker-Eye Product Line

Sticker-Eye is EyeCloud's award-winning wireless home security consumer camera. Sticker-Eye was one of the world's first consumer-grade AI security cameras and is a showcase for EyeCloud's expertise in AI vision applications.

Sticker-Eye Solution Features

‣ Embedded Intel Movidius(TM) chip for intelligent motion, person, and face detection without requiring access to the cloud

‣ Night vision, 1080P resolution

‣ Two-way audio

‣ IP54 weather resistance

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