Faster Production

for Edge-AI


EyeCloud.AI is a Leading Supplier of Open AI Vision Production Solutions

We provide edge-AI hardware, software, management, and cloud solutions for healthcare, workplace safety, security, surveillance, and consumer applications.

Integrated Edge-AI
Vision Camera

​Deep Learning
Inference Acceleration

Open Edge-AI
Video SDK

AIoT Device
Management Scalability

Edge-AI Vision Benefits

Faster Time to Market

Faster AI algorithm development, field deployments, and production

Custom Features

Open hardware and software for differentiated edge-AI solutions

Simplified Development

Streamlining hardware integration for deep-learning vision systems

Higher ROI

Eliminating production risk associated with edge-AI camera development

AI Vision Solutions for Key Applications

Patient monitoring, access control, and vision systems for elder care, hospitals, and homes

Standard-operating-procedure validation, PPE compliance, and accident prevention

Press News

"OpenNCC is easy to use with the latest DL frameworks: Caffe, TensorFlow, MXNe, Kaldi, and ONNX. The computer vision software development tools of alwaysAI natively support OpenNCC cameras, provide easy access to pre-trained AI models..."

Novus Light

"The OpenNCC hardware is built around Intel's Myriad X vision processing unit (VPU) accelerator, offering up to four teraflops of compute performance, with 1GB (8Gb) of LPDDR4 memory and 16MB of SPI flash storage..."


"Getting AI vision solutions into the field quickly is critical for capturing real-world training data, field testing prototypes, and ramping up production deployments..."

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