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Training on Cloud, Run on the Edge AI Camera

Should you be using Computer Vision in your business?

Computer Vision will be part of any digital transformation effort for a business with a physical component (i.e., manufacturing, security, retail analytics, and robotics). CV provides businesses with unprecedented insights into customers and enables automation with actionable visual data. Using low-code solutions such as AlwaysAI in conjunction with Computer Vision appliances like Eyecloud’s cameras can unlock the practical, simple Computer Vision applications which can serve as stepping stones to more ambitious Computer Vision projects. And because the industry is moving very rapidly, the investment in edge processing power needed to support Computer Vision applications is significantly low. The view from OpenNCC's partner AlwaysAI.

In recent years, people pay more and more attention to the implementation of computer Vision projects,more and more models have been deployed in real business scenarios. However, when the business actually started to use, there would be a variety of requirements feedback on the model, and algorithm engineers began to need to continue iterative development and frequent deployment online. As the business evolves and models are applied in more and more scenarios, managing and maintaining so many model systems becomes a real challenge.

We agree with AlwaysAI's technology,below are four key guidelines to avoid common Computer Vision pitfalls:

Using alwaysAI's platform for training on cloud, building, and deploying computer Vision applications on the OpenNCC Edge AI Camera,would expedite the process of developing and deploying computer vision for production use cases such as health and safety monitoring, and more.

Learn how to deployment Challenges with Computer Vision Applications:

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