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Frame Grabber | A trusted turn-key solution adobted by top-tier autonomous driving companies

Updated: May 21

In today's automotive landscape, the frame grabber has evolved into an indispensable tool for testing, development, and production in the automotive industry. From development testing to product line quality assurance and file programming of automobile cameras, frame grabbers play a pivotal role by capturing high-quality images and video footage from onboard cameras. This allows engineers to analyze the performance of various systems, including advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), computer vision algorithms, and autonomous driving features.

The usage scenarios of frame grabber

Through extensive communication with industry customers, we identified common challenges they face in finding suitable frame grabbers for their unique use cases. Even when developing their own solutions, they encounter high R&D costs and lengthy development cycles. Eyecloud's dedicated R&D team has invested significant resources in frame grabber products, resulting in the ECFG series – a trusted turn-key solution adopted by top-tier electric vehicle and autonomous driving companies.


The ECFG series stands out for its flexibility, stability, and ease of use, saving customers time and money. Featuring Fakra connectors, ECFG supports GMSL & FPD-Link and is compatible with various deserializer chips. The modular design of the deserializer in ECFG allows for easy switching between different modules, with fast and low-code configurations using Python Jason files. The S-series also supports USB-to-I2C transparent transmission control, enhancing flexibility and control.

The deserializer in ECFG allows for easy switching

As the autonomous driving industry demands higher pixel resolutions, our team leads the way by supporting GMSL3, offering bandwidth up to 12Gbps. The ECFG series already supports a 17M Sony IMX735 Sensor module and MIPI D-PHY with 4Lans@2.4Gbps/Lan. Additionally, the ECFG R4 Plus model boasts 1.2GByte/s bandwidth recording capabilities, enabling playback and offline data analysis.


Our product lineup spans from 1 to 16 channels, with support for matrix combinations of different models. For example, the ECFG-S16 features reverse connection protection, voltage & current measurement (Precision: ±1%), and error detection, ensuring reliable operation in diverse environments. Meanwhile, the ECFG-R4 Plus model offers two USB3.0 Host ports, RJ45, and HDMI, facilitating hardware synchronization across multiple devices.

With OpenNCC inside, ECFG takes advantage of Intel Movidius VPU's super image process capability and edge-ai inference power.



In application ranging from smart retail to robot vision, and industrial machine vision, empowers vision to perceive the world and connect with everything. Since 2018, has been at the forefront of AI vision appliances and systems, enabling tech companies to address development and production challenges in Edge AI vision products. Leveraging expertise in advanced hardware design, camera and machine vision systems development, image sensor tuning, and IoT device management, we deliver highly customizable front-end intelligent vision and edge intelligent control unit products and solutions.

In March 2024, the edge visual design platfrom customized by our company for customers

launched into space with the SpaceX rocket. This is a photo of customer satellite HAMMER inside the SpaceX 10. stands as a trusted leader in the industry, our strategic partnerships with industry giants further underscore our commitment to excellence and innovation. These collaborations not only validate our technological prowess but also highlight our dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the rigorous demands of the automotive and autonomous driving sectors.


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