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ECFG-S16 is a 16 channel deserializer toolbox for testing automobile cameras, which includes automobile camera development testing, product line quality testing, and file programming. Equipped with a high quality Fakra connector, ECFG-S16 supports both 9296 and 954 deserializer chips, as well as GMSL & FPD-Link respectively.


Key Features

  • Supports 16-channel and 1-channel locked output
  • Supports customization of deserialization and sensor configurations
  • Supports frame rate statistics, frame rate loss, voltage, and electrical current detection
  • POC module power supply
  • Custom GPIO extensions
  • I2C transparent transmission control
  • Flash, EEPROM programming


Key Specs

  • Product Model:   S16-9296 (GMSL)       |      S16-954 (FPD-Link)
  • Unit Size:   440mm x 200mm x 44mm
  • # of Channels:    16 path Fakra camera module access, can combine 64 maximum through array
  • Access Bandwidth:  MIPI D-PHY 4Lans@1.5Gbps/Lan
  • Video Stream Output:  USB 3.2 Type-C
  • Working Environment Temp:   0C~50C           
  • Host System:   Ubuntu18.04,Windows 10,Windows Server2016 
  • Deserializer Model:   MAX 9296      |       TI 954
  • Input Voltage:   DC 24V
  • POC Voltage:   4~16V


Click here to download the full ECFG-S16 specifications sheet

The lead time for this product is 8-business weeks.

For more information please contact us.


About OpenNCC

OpenNCC is Intel Movidius VPU based that supports running OpenVINO AI models on the camera locally and changing different OpenVINO AI models easily. It can adapt to various situations and satisfy various application requirements with AI Vision capability.  


ECFG-S16 is an OpenNCC-inside product, which takes advantage of Intel Movidius VPU's super image process capability and edge-ai inference power.

    Expected to ship in 7-8 weeks
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