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UGrab Software

UGrab is specially designed computer software for the ECFG deserializer series launched with Intel's RFP Ready programme help. Effectively test and monitor every automobile camera with the touch of a button.

Screenshot 2023-08-10 145015
Screenshot 2023-08-10 144929
Screenshot 2023-08-10 144850
Screenshot 2023-08-14 100824
Image by Allec Gomes

Supports Image Display of Multiple Channels




Image by Allec Gomes

Efficient Alarm System 

  • Easily track errors in devices

  • ​Supports voltage, current, and frame loss detection

Screenshot 2023-08-10 111728.png
Image by Allec Gomes

Customizable Parameters

Register Pairing

  • Customize and export register settings

  • 4 command types: i2c-r, sleep, tips, i2c

I2C Read-Write

Screenshot 2023-08-11 105929.png

Enroll Device Nodes

Image by Allec Gomes

Repeated Testing

  • Perform age testing on cameras through cycles

  • Customize velocity increment and time per cycle

Image by Allec Gomes

Supports SDK Development Kit

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