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StarLight Full-Color night vision HD Edge-AI Camera

StarLight Full-Color night vision HD Edge-AI Camera

SKU: ONNCUB230-630

As another branch of OpenNCC, this edge-ai camera is also developed from Intel Movidius MyriadX VPU and compatible with the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit.


It's a 2MP HD, wide-angle, M12 USB3.0 open camera that supports Full-Color night vision.


This version is developed especially for applications in the night and low-light conditions, not having to worry about edge-AI and camera hardware deployment challenges. You can use pre-existing models or load up your own - OpenNCC is flexible and fully customizable.


Click here for its detailed Night Vision Performance.


Click here for another product that supports Day/Night vision.

  • Features

    • Edge computing:Open Camera with inference engine on camera
    • Easyprogrammable with OpenVINO, powered by Intel Movidius Myriad X VPU
    • Deep learning: Caffe*, TensorFlow*, MXNet*, Kaldi*, Paddle*, and ONNX*
    • Support Linux, Windows, Raspberry Pi, NXP, NVIDIA and Arm Linux based platform
    • Further development: Opensource SDK on GitHub
  • Specifications Table

    Specifications Parameters
    VPU Intel MA2085
    RAM 8 Gbits,LPDDR4 (1600MHz, 32-bit)
    Resolution 1920 × 1080 HD
    Video Format H.264, YUV, MJPG
    Camera Sensor SC230AI
    Frame Rate up to 30 fps
    Focal Length 2.8mm
    F/NO 1.6
    Distortion <-15%
    Lens TTL 14.8mm


    Field of View (FOV)

    M12*0.5-6g  3M

    (D)FOV: 130°


    38 mm*38 mm*40 mm

    (including the USB port and lens)

    Weight 21 g
    Power Supply USB 5V
    Development Port USB 3.0 / USB 2.0
    Supported AI Models Most models in Intel OpenVINO™ model zoo
    Supported Frameworks ONNX, TensorFlow, Caffee, MXNet, Kaldi, PaddlePaddle
    CNN Accelerator(s) Two
    ISP Included in Intel Myriad X
    Open Source
    • OpenNCC CDK
    • Development Technical Document
    • Configuration Tool "OpenNCC View"
    Supported Languages C / C++ / Python
    SDK Supported Functions
    • Get Video Stream
    • AI Model Download and Replacement
    • Get Model Operation Results
    • Camera Photo
    • Reset
    OpenNCC View Functionalities
    • Configure Camera Parameters
    • Configure Camera local AI Model
    • Display live stream
    Supported Platforms Linux, Windows, Raspberry Pi, NXP, NVIDIA and Arm Linux based platform


  • Additional Reference

  • Return and Repair

    Please note and understand that we don't support return and repair for developing products/samples. It is suggested to contact us if you have any questions about the products before placing the order.

Expected to ship in 7-8 weeks
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