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MIPI Camera Modules for Raspberry Pi 4B & NVIDIA J. NANO(AR0234CS included)

MIPI Camera Modules for Raspberry Pi 4B & NVIDIA J. NANO(AR0234CS included)


Raspberry Pi 4B and NVIDIA Jetson Nano Devkit are good platforms for edge-ai devices. For vision perception, both of them provide MIPI interfaces to connect with camera modules.


Each camera module offered on this page consists of an M12 lens, a sensor module, and a daughterboard with MIPI connectivity, which makes it suitable to connect with Raspberry Pi 4B and NVIDIA Jetson Nano Dev kit.


Available Sensor Modules:


2MP GS Sensor Module with ON Semi AR0234CS Sensor

2MP RS Sensor Module with SmartSens SC230AI Sensor

8MP RS Sensor Module with SmartSens SC8238H


For applications requiring accurate and fast capture of moving scenes, we highly recommend the AR0234CS global shutter Sensor module. FYI, watch this comparison video with the global shutter sensor and rolling shutter sensor.


Please note: modules provided on this page are only HARDWARE-READY, drives are not provided. To run the camera modules on Raspberry Pi 4B or NVIDIA Jetson Nano Dev kit, users need to develop drivers according to the platform they select to use. 


As a reference, this Forum Post provides instructions on how to develop a driver for the AR0234CS module.


Configuration Files for the AR0234CS module are provided below. If you need Configuration files for the other two camera modules, please contact us.


  • Specifications Table

    Sensor Board

    Specs 2MP RS Sensor Module 2MP GS Sensor Module 8MP RS Sensor Module
    Sensor SmartSens SC200AI ON Semi AR0234CS SmartSens SC8238H
    Frame Rate 30 FPS 120 FPS at 1 MP or 60 FPS at 2 MP 30 FPS
    Resolution 1920 x 1080 (2K) 1920 × 1080 (2K) 3872 × 2180 (4K)
    Shutter Rolling shutter Global shutter Rolling shutter
    Lens M12 M12 M12
    Field of View Diagonal 60° Diagonal 63° Diagonal 58°
    Output Data Interface MIPI 2 lane MIPI 4 lane MIPI 4 lane
    Dimensions 38 x 38 mm 38 x 38 mm 38 x 38 mm
    Weight 12 g 12 g 12 g
    Cable 4 cm FFC 4 cm FFC 4 cm FFC



    Size 38 mm x 38 mm; Weight 6.4g; Cable MIPI FPC 3.9cm


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  • Return and Repair

    Please note and understand that we don't support return and repair for developing products/samples. It is suggested to contact us if you have any questions about the products before placing the order.

PriceFrom $49.00
Expected to ship in 7-8 weeks
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