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Global exposure HD Edge-AI Industrial Camera(with safe-USB lock)

Global exposure HD Edge-AI Industrial Camera(with safe-USB lock)


OpenNCC is a production vision system with AI vision hardware and software for real-time ML application processing; tightly-integrated with a high-quality vision camera, ISP, video processing, and communications infrastructure.


Users can customize pre-trained AI/ML vision models and easily deploy their models on OpenNCCOpenNCC utilizes Intel's Myriad X Vision Processing Unit (VPU) for AI vision acceleration and supports the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO Toolkit that automatically maximizes ML model inference performance.


With OpenNCC we let you focus on delivering great vision applications, not having to worry about edge-AI and camera hardware deployment challenges. You can use pre-existing models or load up your own - OpenNCC is flexible and fully customizable.


Product features for this AR0234CS USB camera


  • Fully Integrated AI vision hardware
  • AIoT appliance
  • Machine vision video subsystem
  • C-mount lenses
  • On semi AR0234CS global shutter Sensor
  • 2MP Resolution
  • ISP ready
  • ML inference acceleration - Intel Movidius VPU Edge-AI
  • USB-output Programmable Camera
  • Open-Source Camera
  • Model-Replaceable Edge-AI Camera


Camera Sensors


The AR0234CS sensor has a world-class global shutter performance for accurate and fast capture of moving scenes at up to 120 fps. 


For customers who require high-resolution sensors, we recommend another 8MP USB camera using the Sony IMX334 sensor.


Camera Lens


The default camera lens is an adjustable C-mount lens. For customers who have specific lens requirements, we also offer an extra lens for them to test and evaluate. Select and purchase a separate lens here.

  • Specifications Table

    Specifications Parameters
    VPU Intel MA2085
    RAM 8 Gbits,LPDDR4 (1600MHz, 32-bit)
    Resolution 1920 × 1080 HD
    Video Format H.264, YUV, MJPG
    Camera Sensor 2MP Global Shutter
    Frame Rate up to 30 fps
    Focal Length 2.8mm
    F/NO 1.6
    Distortion <-15%
    Lens TTL 14.8mm


    Field of View (FOV)

    M12*0.5-6g  3M

    (D)FOV: 130°


    50mm*50 mm*50 mm

    (including the USB port and lens)

    Weight 21 g
    Power Supply USB 5V
    Development Port USB 3.0 / USB 2.0
    Supported AI Models Most models in Intel OpenVINO™ model zoo
    Supported Frameworks ONNX, TensorFlow, Caffee, MXNet, Kaldi, PaddlePaddle
    CNN Accelerator(s) Two
    ISP Included in Intel Myriad X
    Open Source
    • OpenNCC CDK
    • Development Technical Document
    • Configuration Tool "OpenNCC View"
    Supported Languages C / C++ / Python
    SDK Supported Functions
    • Get Video Stream
    • AI Model Download and Replacement
    • Get Model Operation Results
    • Camera Photo
    • Reset
    OpenNCC View Functionalities
    • Configure Camera Parameters
    • Configure Camera local AI Model
    • Display live stream
    Supported Platforms Linux, Windows, Raspberry Pi, NXP, NVIDIA and Arm Linux based platform
  • Return and Repair

    Please note and understand that we don't support return and repair for developing products/samples. It is suggested to contact us if you have any questions about the products before placing the order.

Color: Crimson Red
Expected to ship in 7-8 weeks
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