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ECFG-R1 is a 1 channel deserializer toolbox for testing automobile cameras, which includes automobile camera development testing, product line quality testing, and file programming. Equipped with a high quality Fakra connector, ECFG-R1 supports both 9296 and 954 deserializer chips, as well as GMSL & FPD-Link respectively.


Key Features

  • Supports single-channel locked output
  • Supports customization of deserialization and sensor configurations
  • Supports frame rate statistics and frame rate loss detection
  • POC module power supply
  • Custom GPIO extensions
  • I2C transparent transmission control
  • Flash, EEPROM programming
  • Local RAW video recording
  • Synchronization of frame hardware in multiple devices


Key Specs

  • Product Model:   R1-9296 (GMSL)       |      R1-954 (FPD-Link)
  • Unit Size:   155mm x 147mm x 42mm
  • # of Channels:    Single path Fakra camera module access
  • Access Bandwidth:  MIPI D-PHY 4Lans@2.5Gbps/Lan
  • Recording Bandwidth:  MIPI D-PHY 5.6Gbps
  • Video Stream Output:  USB 3.2 Type-C
  • Working Environment Temp:   0C~50C
  • Storage Temperature:   -25C~80C        
  • Host System:   Ubuntu18.04,Windows 10,Windows Server2016 
  • Local Recording:    M.2 NVME SSD   500MBytes/s
  • Deserializer Model:   MAX 9296      |       TI 954
  • Input Voltage:   DC 5V


Click here to download the full ECFG-R1 specifications sheet

The lead time for this product is 30-business days.

For more information please contact us.

    Expected to ship in 7-8 weeks
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