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Product Description:

MV-XG6500GC/GM is an industrial camera with high definition, low noise, excellent performance, as well as easy installation and use. Its applications include industrial inspection, biomedicene, aerospace military, scientific research, education, and other fields.


Product Applications:

PCB, screen detection, lithium battery, transportation


Product Highlights:

-Reserves fan port to effectively control the temperature of the camera

-Compared to Camera Link, the method of pairing connector port with capture card greatly reduces cost

-Uses standard 10GbE interface design to achieve stable communication for cat6e

-Farthest transmission distance can reach 100 meters; industrial field wiring is no longer restricted; downward compatibility with Gigabit network

-Effective bandwidth is 1200MByte, which is 10 times that of Gigabit network, which greatly shortens the image transmission time and delay

-Supports GigEVision, GenICam standards, and uses the same SDK as Gigabit cameras, shortening the customer development cycle.


Product Specifications:

Model: MV-XG6500GC | MV-XG6500GM

Optics: 29.9mm x 22.4mm

Sensor Type: CMOS

Sensor Model:  GMAX3265

Camera Type: Colored | Black & White

Pixel Size: 3.2 um x 3.2 um

Effective Pixels: 65 million

Resolution@Frame Rate:9344 x 7000@15.5FPS

Output Pixel Width:12bit

Exposure Method: Global Shutter

SNR: 40dB

Dynamic Range: 66dB

Sensitivity: 1.03x10^7 e-/((W/m^2)·s) @500nm

GPIO: 2-path input, 2-path output, 1-path can be configurated with input and output, supports trigger and flash sync mode

Maximum gain (multiple): 6

Exposure Time Range (ms): 0.015~10000

AD width: 12bit

Framebuffer: 1GB

User-defined data area:2KB

Video output format: Bayer 8/12bit | Mono 8/12bit

Vision Standards Protocol: GigE Vision V2.0, GenICam

Lens Mount:M58, Flange distance11.48mm, Can be paired with F-mount adapter ring

Connector Port: 10 Gigabit copper cable 10G Base-T, compatible with 100M/1G/2.5G/5G

Power supply: 12V

Power: <12W

Outer dimensions:64 mm x 64 mm x 59.5 mm (not including lens base and back shell connector ports)

Weight: <500g

Working Temperture:0~50 C

Working Humidity:20~80% (no condensation)

Storage Temperature:-30~60 C

Storage Humidity:20~95% (no condensation)

Operating system:WINXP, WIN 7/8/10 32&64 bit system,Linux and ARM Linux drive,Android platform drive, MAC OS system

Drive Program: Directshow components; Halcon specific components; Labview specific drive;OCX components;TWAIN components

Programming Language Packs:C/C++/C#/VB6/VB.NET/Delphi/BCB/Python/Java

Other Functions:Supports resolution customization of ROI of any size, contrast and gamma adjustment, saturation adjustment, white balance correction, black point level correction, customizable dead-point coordinate correction, ISP image processing acceleration, 3D noise reduction, custom LUT table, frame rate adjustment, custom camera name, etc.


Click here to view full product information (pdf)

    PriceFrom $6,500.00
    Expected to ship in 4 weeks
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