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Sticker-Eye: Our First Journey from Concepts to Customers for Battery-powered Edge-AI WiFi Devices

Last week, we received a message from one of our worldwide Sticker-Eye customers with a video clip caught by Sticker-Eye, recording a raccoon scared off by Sticker-Eye’s barking alerts when it was gnawing the lawn at the customer’s backyard.

EyeCloud’s close friends know that we started with a commercial smart camera for home security. We designed it, build it, crowdfunded it, mass-produce it, sell and ship it to customers all over the world. It has been almost 5 years, we are so pleased and happy that our products are still providing their value to our customers’ lives.

Looking at the whole process of making an innovative edge-ai & IoT commercial product, what’s the path from Product Concepts to Customers? What every link looks like? Let's take a glance at the whole process.

Generally speaking, from Technology to Product, the outcome is Prototype, while from Prototype to Customer, the outcome is a commercial product that can be scaled by massive production.

What is the most complex part of the process? Not easy to say, for teams with different expertise backgrounds there are different answers.

For some innovative technology-based teams, though Production may not be the most difficult part, it may be the most painful one because when related to hardware production, every decision has a longer-term influence than software codes, and it seems there are always more problems to handle than we can predict in advance.

Though tough, for us, the journey was still worth going, as we find that every difficulty we overcame became our advantage in competitions and helped our customers go more smoothly in their innovative journey.

Have a look at Sticker-Eye, EyeCloud’s first production journey for innovative edge-ai IoT products:

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