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Multiple Frame-Synced RGB-D Depth Camera Solution

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

For vision solution applied in industrial robots / mobile robots / AGVs, etc, a combination of RGB camera sensor and depths sensor will be beneficial: using the ToF (Time of Flight) technology to percept the 3D information, and the RGB module to deal with normal color imaging issue or AI referencing.

EyeCloud's Multiple Frame-Synced RGB-D Depth Camera Solution is flexible, supporting work with one individual module, or up-to-3 hardware-synced modules.

Standard Features implemented in the RGB-D Solution

  • VGA TOF(Time of Flight) large FOV Angle (suitable for robot and XR applications)

  • RGB and depth registration

  • Multi-position hardware synchronous exposure

  • Use camera array so solve TOF multi-camera interference

  • The interference problem of simultaneous exposure of multiple TOF is optimized by the strategy, and multi TOF exposure time deviation ≤ 1ms

  • USB3 interface

  • AP SOC computing power is required for deep calculation generation

Customizable Features

  • TOF depth generation depends on AP SOC(Generate point cloud on device)

  • Inferencing on the end based on the RGB sensor

  • Support synchronizing up to 3 x TOF and 3 x RGB

  • Support integrating an Raspberry Pi to make an IPC

  • For custom development services, contact us

We also provide customizational development services, such as:

Hardware Design

-RGB sensors(global shutter sensor AR0234, industry sensor IMX334, etc.)

-Depth Sensors (ToF, structure light, etc.)

-Camera Number to be synchronized

-Connectors (USB, MIPI, etc.)

-Peripheral components (cables, etc.)

Software Development

-Video formats (Raw data, YUV, JPEG, etc.)


-3D information (Point cloud data, etc)


-Edge-AI (OCR, object detection, etc.)

-File management (live streaming, downloadable file, etc.)


-Operation system compatibility (Windows, Linux, etc.)

-ISP and IQ tuning

Production Services

We understand the pain in manufacturing for some software background teams, and we're willing to contribute our expertise and experience with our customers. We offer Manufacturing management service such as (but not limited to ):

-PCB manufacturing

-Component sourcing

-Board assembly

-Structure/Enclosure design and manufacturing

-Market Certifications (IP grade, FCC, CE, etc.)

-Trial / Massive production management

R&D Sample

We offer standard R&D samples at our online shop, help yourself to purchase one if needed.

Software SDK

We provide standard software SDK for this solution. Please contact us for it after you place an order.

OpenNCC Introduction

OpenNCC is an Intel Movidius VPU based solution that supports running OpenVINO AI models on the camera locally and changing different OpenVINO AI models easily. It can adapt to various situations and satisfy various application requirements with AI Vision capability.

OpenNCC has been approved for the intel RRK program since 2020.

If you are interested in this solution for customization, feel free to contact us.

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