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 When it’s time for deployment, development done on OpenNCC can be easily ported to any vision product solution. It has never been easier to deploy your AI model.

Deliver comercial AI solutions fast

OpenNCC USB is the best platform for developers to rapidly deploy production ML/DL vision solutions on a proven system with open access to the best ML tools of their choice.

With the help of our custom-designed Software interface called OpenNCC View you can load, deploy, and stream your Neural Network. It is fully customizable!


OpenNCC is the first open AI vision appliance

Plug & AI

It is a revolutionary platform enabling testing, tuning, prototyping, and providing real-time output from camera sensors on deep neural networks, without the need for a network or cloud connection.

Detect and analyze human pose estimation, faces, objects and many more

We partnered with AlwaysAI to integrate its vision software development tools which provide easy access to pre-trained AI models and simplified application deployment to enhance productivity.


Handle a wide variety of industrial vision challenges

It is a low-power system-on-chip (SoC) used for deep learning and other artificial intelligence vision applications ranging from drones, smart cameras, and other devices to powerful vision sensors in factory automation thanks to its C-mount lens and global shutter technology.

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