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OpenNCC Documentation

Welcome to the OpenNCC documentation. We are here to help with everything you need to plug & play with your OpenNCC camera and run a computer vision model.

Download and explore the files. You will be able to  develop an application, and even train your own model in minutes!


Download Now

OpenVINO Installation Guide

Learn how to: unpack installation package, install OpenVINO and external software dependencies, set the environment Variables, configure the model optimizer and run the verification scripts.

OpenNCC View Guide

Learn how to operate the interaction between the
camera and OpenNCC View. Find out more Function details.


 C/C++ SDK Interface Description


Python SDK Interface Documentation

OpenNCC Software Manual

This document introduces the basic concepts of OpenNCC deployment, OpenNCC CDK and OpenVINO, and the method of using OpenNCC CDK to develop and deploy OpenNCC DK independent operation mode and mixed mode with OpenVINO.

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