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VC2404 RGBD-LVDS Camera

VC2404 RGBD-LVDS Camera

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Product Description:

Its TOF pixels reach 640*480 data and RGB pixels reach 800W. Both outputs transmit signals in the LVDS-GMSL2 manner. The power supply and signal transmission of the TOF scheme are separated, while the power supply and signal transmission of the RGB scheme are powered by POC. The synchronization of TOF and RGB in this scheme requires a back-end controller.The TOF camera obtains complete geometric information of the real three-dimensional scene and uses images with depth information to achieve precise digitization of the scene, thereby achieving high-precision identification, positioning, reconstruction, scene understanding and other key functions of machine vision. The RGB camera can provide detailed visual recognition of high pixels and high colors. The entire solution mainly uses mainstream components in the market, such as MLX75027, OX08B40, MAX96717, MPS power supply and other well-known brands. The selected components meet the automotive regulatory requirements AEC-Q100 and above.
Product Applications:

This camera specification is a 3D-TOF+RGB camera developed for in-cabin monitoring, aerial gesture recognition, industrial equipment, robots and many other applications on various car models.

Product Highlights:

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Product Specifications:

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