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Night Vision Performance Comparison by OpenNCC Star-light/Low-light Camera Dev Kit


In many use cases cameras are required to provide night vision functions to perform under low light conditions or continuously work 24 hours day and night, for example, home security camera, field surveillance camera, special care monitoring camera, etc.

In our blog Edge-ai: A night vision face blurring open camera for data privacy protection we introduced Infrared light(IR LED) as a night vision solution to make cameras work in the night/low-light environments with one of the OpenNCC dev cameras, the OpenNCC Nighthawk.

In this blog, we are going to introduce another night vision dev camera solution that does not require an IR LED board and provides a full-color performance under low light conditions. We will also give performance comparison under lab experiments.

New Camera Dev Kit Brief

As another branch of OpenNCC, this edge-ai camera dev kit is also developed from Intel Movidius MyriadX VPU and is compatible with the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit, so that developers can take advantage of OpenVINO's 100+ pre-trained open models, and also take advantage of OpenNCC SDK to easily deploy those models to camera.

As stated above, this camera dev kit is especially for applications in the night and low-light conditions, using a 2M HD starlight full-color sensor module. We will show how it performances in the following comparing experiment.


Material preparation

l USB cable

l Color checker

l LED light intensity meter

l A PC with Ubuntu

| Lens: C6601-B4-650#(filter)

Sensor parameter setting

l Resolution: 1080P 15FPS

l Exposure: 60 ms

l Gain: 40 dB

l Light intensity: 0.02lux, 0.05 Lux

The shooting scene is as follows:

Comparison Result


From the above photos, we can see that the new kit can take full-color photos even the environment is under a low-light condition, which is useful for applications of security surveillance, healthcare & old caring, consumer electronics, advanced transportation, etc.

Welcome to visit our shop to find more details about the new night vision full-color camera dev kit SKU.

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