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Multiple Channel SerDes Camera Solution


SerDes camera modules are widely used in autonomous driving and electrical cars for their stable and fast speed transmition. They are also applied in some complicating deployment scenarios, for example, unmanned mining vehicle, which requires signal stability for long distance transmition.

EyeCloud's Multi-channel SerDes Camera Solution comes as a series of SerDes Frame Grabbers for different application scenarios.

Features implemented in the SerDes Frame Grabber

  • Support GMSL2/GMSL3/FDP-LINK for data transmition reliability

Up to 15m long distance

  • Support SerDes Sensors of IMX390、IMX490

Customizable for other more sensors

  • Support multipe frame-synced cameras

Customizable for different synced-cam numbers

Customizable options

This solution provides customizations on both Hardware and Software:

Hardware Design

-SerDes Chips (GMSL2, GMSL3, etc.)

-Camera Sensors (IMX390, IMX490, etc.)

-Camera Number to be synchronized

-Connectors (Fakra, etc.)

Software Development

-Video formats (Raw data, YUV, JPEG, etc.)

-Interfaces (USB3.0 / 2.0, MIPI, etc.)

-File management (live streaming, downloadable file, etc.)

-Operation system compatibility (Windows, Linux, etc.)

-Host machine GUI application (PC/Arm)

-ISP and IQ tuning

Production Services

We understand the pain in manufacturing for some software background teams, and we're willing to contribute our expertise and experience with our customers. We offer Manufacturing management service such as (but not limited to ):

-PCB manufacturing

-Component sourcing

-Board assembly

-Structure/Enclosure design and manufacturing

-Market Certifications (IP grade, FCC, CE, etc.)

-Trial / Massive production management


For now, this Multi-channel SerDes Camera Solution mainly applies in two scenarios:

  1. Applies as developing tools for autonomous driving R&D teams' to capture imaging data for their autonomous driving solution.

  2. Applies as burn in test units which are installed in SerDes camera manufacturing factories, electrical car factories, etc..

OpenNCC Introduction

OpenNCC is Intel Movidius VPU based solution that supports running OpenVINO AI models on the camera locally and changing different OpenVINO AI models easily. It can adapt to various situations and satisfy various application requirements with AI

Vision capability.

OpenNCC has been approved for the intel RRK program since 2020.

If you are interested in this solution, feel free to contact us.

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