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3 Edge-AI Metaverse Interaction Solutions for Potential Killer Applications using OpenNCC

Accompanying Facebook's rebranding to Meta, Metaverse breaks through the science and technology community and attracts universal attention. It seems everyone starts to talk about Metaverse overnight. Not only the concept booms but also the metaverse-related stocks flourish. Though there may be hype and foam, what we can't deny is that metaverse is gaining its momentum and approaching its destination of an image of the real universe, absorbing imagination, attention, capital, and talents. This trending makes more sense when we take the hottest technologies into consideration, especially AI, AR, VR, Blockchain, NFT, 5G, and cloud computing, which can all find their own places in Metaverse.

As Microsoft Office to PC, App Store & Google Play to the smartphone, Metaverse is also waiting for Killer Apps to increase the viscosity of existing users and penetrate incremental users. Would that be Roblox? Meta Store? It is hard to say by now. One thing that can be sure is, though metaverse applications are more complicated in both software and hardware compared with pure internet applications, as is an image of the real universe, voice and vision technology is always vital and necessary interaction methods, especially the ones combined with AI.

OpenNCC is designed as an open edge-ai vision platform, which is a good choice to easily develop and deploy ai vision applications. Here are 4 applications suitable in metaverse solutions that we'd like to demo today:

  1. Pose Estimation

  2. Eye Tracking

  3. Voice & Face Tracking

1. Pose Estimation Based on OpenNCC and Intel OpenVINO

2. Eye Tracking Based on OpenNCC and Intel OpenVINO

3. Voice Location & Face Tracking Based on OpenNCC

In the following Blogs, I will show how to develop these demos using OpenNCC.

Recommended SKU for developing the above demos: OpenNCC UB4

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