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For vision solution which requires a very large view angle, or even 360 degree view, for example, VR, large video conference video meeting solution, etc., a single camera won't meet the requirements. For this kind of applications, EyeCloud's Multiple Frame-Synced Video Streaming Solution is a good fit.

Here we emphasize Frame-Synced because for applications using multiple cameras, normally there will be a need to sync every frame from different camera modules at a same time, so that post-process such as image stitching, can be possible.

EyeCloud's Multiple Frame-Synced Video Streaming Solution supports video streaming from different camera modules synced at a same timestamp, and supports different numbers of camera modules to be synced.

Features implemented in the Solution

  • Support face detection, face/sound tracking on the device

  • Support 5-way 3MP@30 FPS camera sub-system

  • Support 15-way sensors frame-synced

  • Support ThunderBolt 40Gbps

  • Support USB3.1/PCIe output

Customization Services

We provide customizational development and manufacturing services for this solution, including(but not limited to):

Hardware Design

  • Camera sensors (AR0234CS, SC8238, 230AI, etc. )

  • Camera number to be synchronized (for now, support up to 28 way frame-synchronization)

  • Microphones

  • Connectors

  • Synchronization control module

Software Development

  • Video formats (Raw data, YUV, JPEG, H.264/H.265,MJPG, AAC, etc.)

  • Edge-AI (face recognition, person detection, head count, face/voice tracking, etc.)

  • ISP and IQ tuning, 3DNR

  • Interfaces (USB3.0/2.0, MIPI, PCIe, etc.)

  • Operation system compatibility (Windows, Linux, etc.)

  • Host machine GUI application (PC/Arm)

Manufacturing management

  • PCB manufacturing

  • Component sourcing

  • Board assembly

  • Structure/Enclosure design and manufacturing

  • Market Certifications (IP grade, FCC, CE, etc.)

  • Trial / Massive production

If you are interested in this solution for customization, feel free to contact us.

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