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OpenNCC devoloped series Frame Grabber to help Vehicle camera developing and Testing

Frame Grabber

A frame grabber is an electronic device that captures (i.e., "grabs") individual, digital still frames from an analog video signal or a digital video stream. It is usually employed as a component of a computer vision system, in which video frames are captured in digital form and then displayed, stored, transmitted, analyzed, or combinations of these.

Frame Grabber is more and more wildly used in industry of Electric Car. Electric cars use multiple cameras to detect the environment around. Frame Grabber could help to evaluate the serdes cameras and even the sensor. After deserializing the data transferred via GSML2/GSMl3/FPDlink,The Frame Grabber could record synchronized streams to develop or train the algorithm, and it could also be used to do vehicle cameras testing for camera makers and electric car plant.

OpenNCC Frame Grabber

OpenNCC has developed series of Frame Grabber to fulfill multiple needs from evaluation of senser, Image qualifying, Algorithm testing, burn-in testing.

D series: Frame Grabber for Development

Designed for new camera model light-up and evaluation, R&D Engineers and Process Engineers could use this series to evaluate camera modules and to qualify the image quality. And it is an USB frame grabber for coax cameras to get raw data back to host computer and provide basic control of cameras.

4 cameras could be connected to the deserializing chip then connected to SoC through mipi. The box support virtual channel to receive through FAKRA connector to collect data at 4Lans@2.5Gbps/L, (Raw8/Raw10/Raw12/Raw14/Raw16/YUV)

Multiple kinds of camera modules run at GMSL2/GMSL3/FPD-Link with FAKRA connector could be compatible for this Frame Grabber,the firmware could adapt to the camera modules online/offline.

USB3.1 was used to connect the Frame Grabber to Host PC with 10Gb bandwidth

DR series: Stream Recorder for Development

Designed to record 5 channels of synchronized camera data at 700MBps locally to SSD and support USB3.1 stream. Raw8/Raw10/Raw12/Raw14/Raw16/YUV supported.

With PC/Arm-Linux SDK to support further development. Also support online/offline camera configuration.

B series: Burn-in Test Box

Designed to run burn-in testing for tens of cameras, this device could extend via cables to support testing 80 cameras via a USB cable to PC to collect parameters of camera modules ,such as temperature、frame-count、voltage and current.

M series: Mipi senser evaluation tools

Designed to evaluate sensors, support MIPI D-PHY 4Lans@5Gbps, could measure the voltage and current and support USB3.1 connecting to PC.

The socket could adapt multiple sensors, SDK is ready for further development

Ugrab:PC software tools to evaluate images

All series could work with the designed softwares to configure sensor modules and evaluate images and videos all in one.

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