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Faster Production for Edge-AI Vision

EyeCloud.AI is a leading supplier of open AI vision production solutions. We help vision developers overcome the integration and production challenges of delivering edge-AI vision products through our expertise in custom hardware production, embedded software, IoT management, and cloud services.

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Our Capabilities

Our unique combination of technical and production expertise and open edge-AI vision hardware, software, and cloud services get our customers quickly and cost-effectively.


Accelerating production of smart AI vision products


Producing edge-AI camera appliances


IDH/OEM support services


 Ecosystem of edge-AI developers, ML engineering services, and software development tools

Our Products

EyeCloud.AI offers two lines of products: OpenNCC for AI solution providers and Sticker-Eye for consumers. To learn more about these products, please select from the links below.

Intel IoT Solutions Alliance

EyeCloud, Inc. is a member of the Intel IoT Solutions Alliance. Get early access to Intel’s industry-leading technology.

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